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Curate assortments without inventory costs

We help retailers add new brands and categories, with automation powering rapid onboarding and effortless dropship fulfillment.

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

"We reviewed several dropship and marketplace platforms and Convictional was the clear winner for us. Ease of onboarding was most important to us, and we really like the order flow from buyer to seller."

“Convictional gives us a lot more flexibility in the number of products and brands we can offer on the site, without needing to invest in or hold physical inventory.”

“Convictional is super user friendly, we’d like to invite all our retailers to use it. The best part is they do not charge commission for sellers.”

Our customers grow with unlimited curation potential.

Reduce Inventory

With virtual inventory from new dropship partners, you can offer complete size, color and style ranges and participate in “vendor clear outs” without increasing the risk of mark-downs and liquidations.

Expanded, Curated Assortments

Become more to your customers by offering more of what they love. Convictional helps you achieve freshness and differentiation with a broader assortment and new, complementary product categories.

Rapid SKU Onboarding

Be the first to market with modern brands that aren't listed with other retailers or marketplaces by onboarding new SKUs in less than a day.

Onboard your vendors in less than 1 day.

Your customers want freshness and differentiation.

With Convictional, you can give it to them. Our platform enables you to rapidly merchandise from thousands of brands with a range of seamless integration options they can choose from.

We automate dropshipping with all of your vendors so you can scale your assortment without scaling your team.
Curate your assortments in a day: Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
Feature - Indigo
Offer more of what your customers love:
“Convictional’s technology unlocks an opportunity to welcome hundreds of new brands and thousands of new items to our digital platforms."
Feature - Scandiborn
Add Revenue with New Vendors:
“I was blown away by the speed we got up and running on Convictional. We were able to grow ecommerce dropship revenue by 150% in the span of a few months."
Feature - The Fascination
Optimize for Conversion:
“The fact that we’ve been able to get 50 brands up and running this quickly, lets us start optimizing for KPIs like conversion rates, basket size, and AOV"
Feature - Harry Rosen
Scale Vendors Without Scaling Your Team:
“Once we onboard a new vendor, Convictional automates everything from creating and updating products to managing orders and sending invoices."
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