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Curate product assortments faster to grow GMV without inventory risk or IT effort.

We automate onboarding and transacting with all of your dropship vendors so you can merchandise them in minutes, not months.

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

There's a (much) better way to work with your vendors.

Taking months to work with new brand partners is much too slow, even if they require EDI.

Convictional connects you to existing and new suppliers in minutes so new virtual inventory can be merchandised and sold immediately.
Convictional's platform automatically translates product content, inventory, order and invoices between retailers and suppliers regardless of their existing integration methods.

How much could you sell if you could merchandise new brands in less than a day?

15 Hours

Sellers get transactional in 15 hours, on average with Convictional

Convictional connects every merchant, no matter what transaction method they use.

Integrate once to Convictional to start transacting with both Modern and Classic suppliers.

Modern suppliers speak the new digital language of APIs and tend to use ecommerce platforms like Shopify. Classic suppliers can continue to trade with EDI or CSV.
With Convictional, all of your suppliers can connect to your enterprise systems with self service integrations that take minutes.

Begin sending dropship, marketplace or wholesale orders to all of your suppliers, faster than before.

Futureproof your store with inventory-free assortments

Convictional enables large B2C retailers & B2B distributors to start and grow an online marketplace, driving more selection and revenue.

It's a new business model that's built for the world of ecommerce.

Prevent overselling on virtual SKUs

Know exactly what your sellers have (or don’t have) with our automated order and inventory syncing.

Never sell stock you don’t have, ever again.

Learn what customers want

Throw away your inventory forecasts. Your customers' tastes are changing faster than your ability to plan your inventory buys.

With Convictional, rapidly test new products, categories, and brands in minutes, minus the inventory risk.

Fastest seller onboarding experience

Within a few minutes, sellers can integrate Convictional with their current systems to start selling on your B2C or B2B marketplace.

We integrate into your vendor's existing ecommerce environment, whether it’s EDI, Shopify Plus, or API. No re-platform required.
The Helm-1
“We have used Convictional as the backbone of our ecommerce business, enabling us to sync with our sellers' systems and scale an inventory-free marketplace."
Julie Webber
Julie Webber