Building the future of B2B trade

Our mission is to connect the world's trading partners.

Suppliers are the lifeblood of retailers, marketplaces, and distributors.

As retailers invest more capital into building modern ecommerce experiences, the importance of suppliers increases. Suppliers drive revenue for resellers and create novel experiences for the end customer. A retailer is unable to grow without unlocking the potential of its suppliers.

Historically, suppliers have been treated as an afterthought. Their onboarding experience can take months. The tools they use to connect with their trading partners were invented before the internet. Suppliers are forced to adopt and implement EDI, use portals manually, or perform custom integrations to transact. It’s time to solve these challenges once and for all.

Founded in 2017, Convictional Inc.’s mission is to become the market leader in Supplier Enablement. We accomplish this mission by helping the world’s retailers and distributors empower their suppliers — regardless of their business model (drop ship, marketplace, wholesale).
Trillions of dollars worth of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) flows between suppliers and their partners. Supplier Enablement replaces traditional, fragmented methods of transacting with suppliers with an integrated, enterprise-wide solution. Supplier Enablement supersedes decades of inefficiency and pain with a modern platform designed to help enterprise retailers, marketplaces, and distributors to capture more GMV and profits.

We empower enterprise retailers, marketplaces, and distributors to put their suppliers at the center of their strategy.

Convictional helps large retailers, marketplaces and distributors scale their businesses by offering their suppliers exceptional onboarding and B2B trade experiences. We call this Supplier Enablement, and we are obsessed with giving our customers the tools to rapidly onboard and integrate suppliers of any size or kind. When these barriers to trade partnership are removed, our customers can focus on growing their business.
We empower enterprise retailers, marketplaces, and distributors to put their suppliers at the center of their strategy.

We are building the B2B Graph.

All trade relationships in the world represent a graph, between each company to each other, where the edges are the relationships and the nodes are the companies. Large companies can have tens of thousands of suppliers, and millions of customers.

Small companies can have dozens of customers and many suppliers. The sum of those relationships, if you tried to visualize them, would be the B2B graph. That graph is highly fragmented and built pre-internet.

It’s not efficient and it’s slowing down B2B trade.
There are two roles of software when it comes to trade. You are either building a bridge, or an island. You have suppliers and resellers on their own island with systems (eCommerce platforms, PIM) that house the data necessary to do trade with other islands.

For trade to happen, those islands have to be connected together.

Right now, those bridges don’t exist or they are prone to collapse. On top of that, these bridges take forever to build.
We exist to make it as easy as possible to form and maintain relationships with other companies.
You are either building the core thing that keeps a business on the same page, or you are bridging that thing to companies that you buy and sell from. We are building bridges, which means our job is to facilitate all the information sharing that has to go back and forth in order for new relationships to form.
We exist to make it as easy as possible to form and maintain relationships with other companies.

Convictional is here to build reliable bridges fast.

Our Values.

Focused Intensity

  • We want to spend our work time working in the highest quality way possible. We want to spend our time outside of work focused on the people we care about.
  • We do not use Slack or other instant messengers, so that we can do deeper work.
  • We should focus most of our energy, most of the time, on our bottleneck to progress.

Learning Velocity

  • Pursue learning intentionally, focusing on taking risks that lead to success or learning.
  • It is better to invest in the best learners, than it is to invest in historical performance.
  • Self-awareness is a gift to yourself and those you work with. Work hard at it.
  • Seek out help and guidance when you need it.

Long Term Thinking

  • Question "best practices".
  • Do the hard thing. Doing the hard things first creates future leverage.
  • We must live in the future so that our customers can exist long enough to experience it.


  • We want to reinforce the importance of kindness as a counter balance to doing hard things.
  • As our capacity to do so grows, we should give more than we take from the world.
  • Deliver critical, timely, and actionable feedback with kindness.

We work differently than many companies.

Our team is ambitious, highly entrepreneurial, and biased towards action. We never back down from a spirited debate and believe we are all responsible for fully exploring the hard questions. We value self-awareness and meaningful impact.  

We believe flexibility is important, as time is our most valuable resource. We are a fully distributed team in the United States and Canada. We don't care where you work, so long as you are accessible to the prospects and customers that you sell to. You set all your hours - if you’d rather work at 10pm instead of 10am, we’re cool with that. We don't use any messaging tools like Slack, and meetings are infrequent so we can focus on doing deep work.

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We are a fully distributed team in the US and Canada.

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