Building the future of B2B trade

Our mission is to connect the world's trading partners.

Autonomous B2B Vision

Convictional’s vision is to manifest what we call Autonomous B2B, a future where businesses vastly minimize the costs of B2B trade by leveraging intelligent automation and improved tools for getting work done. We do this by targeting and minimizing Partnership Cost, the hidden operational cost that inevitably occurs between trading partners who operate their businesses differently.

Our Values

Focused Intensity

We believe the best way to make progress is to aim at the biggest opportunities and overcome any barriers through exceptional patience, focus and resilience.

Ceaseless Curiosity

We believe that learning is an inevitable part of building a startup, and in particular that the people who seem to have the greatest impact have a ceaseless curiosity about how things work and seeking truth.

Caring Deeply

We believe that caring deeply about the people we work with, our customers and the work we do allows us to make the best decisions and have the impact we want to have on our customers.

Minimal Structure

We believe hierarchy and formality are barriers that get in the way of great work. Minimal Structure requires mutual trust, clear communication and the willingness to "go direct" and we will accept some level of chaos to live this.

Open Mindedness

We believe that thinking divergently leads to the best results, which requires considering many alternatives, collaboration between people who think differently, as well as debate, disagreement and experimentation.

Shorten Cycles

We believe that a steady march of improving customer outcomes is the most important form of pace. It’s not about satisfying impatient managers, it’s about improving the product and service meaningfully every day for customers.

Disciplined Growth

We want to build a big company and we believe the path to doing that involves financial discipline. We will consider bets thoughtfully at all stages in order to become a large, profitable, independent company - powering billions in trade.

Craft Excellence

We want to create a company where excellence and depth can be pursued within craft roles. Technical leads should have the same level of decision rights and autonomy that equivalently experienced managers do.

Executive Team

Roger Kirkness

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Grouchy


Bill Tarbell

VP of Market Development

Nina Sijakov

VP of Customer Experience

Convictional has raised over $49M in venture capital to date, and is nearing financial sustainability.

We are hiring across all teams.

If you want to help us build the operating system for B2B trade, then get in touch with our recruiting team. We have a range of positions available across our engineering, sales and support teams, so check out our current careers listings to see if there are any opportunities that could suit you.

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