Convictional is a small, growing team solving the hardest problems in online B2B.

We are an enterprise technology provider making it easy for suppliers to
sell to trading partners of all sizes. Headache free online B2B.

We build the bridges that facilitate trade relationships.

Built for Suppliers

Convictional’s fully-documented REST API means that you can build your own integration atop of the platform. Everything you can do via the Platform API, you can do in the
non-technical admin. See Convictional’s Platform API docs.

Rooted in Conviction

Founded in 2017, Convictional began by automating dropshipping for suppliers who wanted it to be easy for online retailers to sell their products without carrying physical inventory. Now, Convictional’s B2B commerce platform helps suppliers who want to wholesale to large and small trading partners. Whether trading partners want EDI or an API integration, suppliers can automatically accept B2B orders without portals, spreadsheets, or data entry.

Who We Are

Convictional now spans two of Canada’s major centres for technology, Toronto and Waterloo. Convictional serves over 100 suppliers and retailers as customers. We built all the tools and infrastructure ourselves to help B2B companies succeed in the online world.

Our approach is simple, but different from your typical technology vendor: charge enough to stay in business long-term, make technology decisions based on the most useful technology available, serve the needs of the supplier in the B2B relationship, act in their best long-term interests, and work in an principled and sustainable way rather than growth at all costs.

Where We Work From

Where We Work From

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