Huckberry Selects Convictional to Expand Its Assortment and Automate Dropshipping

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As today’s retailers must adapt to rapidly changing consumer preferences, Huckberry has taken the initiative to stay ahead of the pack with virtual inventory and dropshipping automation. The online retailer known for its carefully curated selection of outdoor gear and apparel has teamed up with Convictional to enhance its product offerings, streamline its dropship operations, and offer its customers an even better shopping experience.

With this partnership, Huckberry will be able to offer more frequent product launches and limited-edition collaborations, and a broader range of variants providing customers with unique and exclusive products not found anywhere else. All the while, the Convictional platform will provide a streamlined connection between Huckberry systems and newly onboarded brands, making it possible for Huckberry to add new products to its online store in minutes without any additional overhead.

“With Convictional's platform, Huckberry will be able to offer a wider range of curated products to its customers, while also improving efficiency, reducing manual work, and minimizing the risk of human error,” said Huckberry CEO Richard Greiner.

To ensure Huckberry meets its top line revenue goals for this project without increasing the cost of doing business, they plan to integrate their systems directly with Convictional’s APIs to: 

  • Facilitate one-click onboarding with dozens of new brands
  • Synchronize and validate data from suppliers
  • Automate multi-brand order fulfillment, cancellations, refunds, returns and payouts

“Huckberry is dedicated to providing its customers with a wide range of high-quality outdoor gear and apparel,” said Huckberry CTO Michael Urcinoli, “with the integration of Convictional's platform into Huckberry's systems, Huckberry can offer a broader selection of products to customers without having to hold and manage extra inventory ourselves.”

Automated dropship fulfillment on the platform will further result in a significant reduction of manual work and human errors, while providing Huckberry with real-time inventory visibility, allowing the company to make data-driven decisions that will improve the customer experience and business efficiency.

“Huckberry is a retailer that truly understands its customers and is charting its own path through extensive curation, content, and personalization,” said Convictional CEO Roger Kirkness. “We’re excited to partner with a retailer that truly innovates and iterates to fulfill its customer promise.”

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