Introducing The Convictional API

Our mission is to make it easier for B2B companies to sell to their customers who retail online. In order to do that we need to be as flexible as possible in what systems we integrate with and how easy it is to make these integrations work with your existing technology.

Today, we are formally launching our API. We have been using our API since the early days to integrate with various commerce systems and connect trading partners without either party having to worry about integration headaches. Now, that extends to our customers.

Almost everything you can do in the Convictional admin can now also be done via the API. Whether you want to manually trigger a sync run, push updated orders or products to your partners, invite new customers to connect with you or get all your recent orders, it can all be done via API.

Everyone who is a Convictional customer has an API key that is associated with the data for your business. You can use that API key to authenticate yourself and securely access your information in our service. To find it, login and go to “Settings”. It will be listed there by your company ID.

Here is the documentation for our API. We will share more soon on how to use the API to make it easier to sync with your trading partners from systems that we don’t support yet.

To make things easier for developers, we are also launching a client library for Node.JS. JavaScript has become increasingly popular among experience and new developers and our client library makes it easier to write applications without having to learn how our API syntax works. Further it allows you to make bulk calls of any size without worrying about queuing.

Here is a link to the client library for Node.JS. We plan on adding additional client libraries in the coming years to support developers that use other frameworks and languages to build your systems.

A big part of making it easier for B2B companies to sell online is making it easier for B2B companies to integrate new technology (ecommerce platforms, APIs) with existing technology (on-premise ERP systems, EDI). This is a big step in that direction.

We hope you get value from our new developer services, please let us know what you think and how we can improve. While the API service and associated documentation is now fairly mature as a result of our ongoing use building on it, updates will happen and we will notify customers of versioning changes to be aware of that may affect what you have built.

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