New in Convictional: March 2023

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Welcome to our monthly product update. Each month, we'll share exciting new capabilities built to automate your dropship and marketplace operations.

This month, we have four updates to share with you:

  1. Automate Product Categorization, Translation & Updates
  2. Flexibly Bill Suppliers on Net Terms
  3. Simplify Dropship Returns
  4. Offer Suppliers Prepaid Shipping with EasyPost

Let's get into it!

Automate Product Categorization, Translation & Updates

Retailers can now automatically transform supplier provided product data, copy and imagery into website ready listings within the Convictional user interface. In March, we built on the existing range of merchandising automation with new capabilities to save retailers hours manual of effort each week including:

1. Automatic product categorization: Convictional will classify products down to the lowest level of Google's product category tree.

2. Automatic language translation: Convictional will automatically translate product titles, descriptions, copy and more according to retailer preferences.

3. Automatic updates: Convictional will automatically push merchandising transformations to your ecommerce platform.

Autonomous merchandising transformations can be configured on a per partnership basis within the platform, or globally for all partners through our support team.

Want to learn more? Read about Autonomous Merchandising here.

Flexibly Bill Suppliers on Net Terms

Retailers on Convictional can now adjust billing terms for individual partnerships, as well as all partnerships on the platform. This adds flexibility to the previous model where invoices were automatically generated upon shipment. Now, retailers can specify the number of days between when an order ships and when the invoice is generated - allowing retailers to hold an invoice until they are certain that the product will not be returned by the end-customer.

Retailers can adjust global payment terms within the settings menu, and partner specific terms on each partner page.

View the documentation for more details.

Simplify Dropship Returns

Returns on Convictional just got simpler. We've built easy to use workflows for retailers and their suppliers to coordinate returns on the platform. Once an order is fulfilled by the dropshipping vendor, retailers can request returns for specific items on orders along with a reason for the return which the vendor can accept or reject.

If accepted, vendors can share the specific RMA code with the retailer to facilitate the return of the item. If rejected, vendors can specify the reason why they're choosing not to accept the return at that time. As returns functionality is live, customers can now request returns for any order with an item that has been fulfilled.

Read more about new returns functionality in the support guide.

Offer Suppliers Prepaid Shipping with EasyPost

Customers can configure EasyPost in the Integrations menu

This month we built an integration with EasyPost to ensure the customer experience is seamless all the way to the point of delivery. The integration enables retailers to provide their suppliers with pre-paid shipping labels.

Check out our support guide for more information on our integration with EasyPost. If you have any questions, let us know at

More feedback? Send it directly to me at

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