Product Announcement: Getting Started Cards
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Product Announcement: Getting Started Cards

As a retailer, especially if you’re a brand who has worked with large retailers, you’re probably used to the lack of clarity and intuitiveness in your dashboards and enterprise tools. 

While we’ve built Convictional’s interface to be simpler than any software on the market, all the steps required to get started —  uploading products, connecting APIs, inviting partners — can still make onboarding overwhelming. 

We want to avoid that confusion and help you make or receive your first sale faster. To do this, we rebuilt our onboarding interface from scratch. 

Personalized onboarding for every platform

Our new onboarding workflow takes into consideration: 

  1. Whether you signed up to buy or sell on Convictional
  2. Which technology you use — Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, CSV, or API 

If you’re the first person to log into Convictional from your company, you’ll be prompted to create your company profile.

This allows us to customize the onboarding checklist based on your needs. 

For example, if you’re integrating Convictional into your Shopify store, we’ll include a “Connect Shopify” button to install the Convictional app on your store. After this, we’ll automatically sync all your Shopify products over to Convictional.

If you’re using WooCommerce or BigCommerce, we’ll instead have fields for you to input your API credentials:

Know exactly what you need to do next

As you go along, the personalized checklist shows you what you’ve done and what you need to do next to get your account over the starting line.

Whether you’re using automated billing and invoicing via Stripe or manual billing, the Getting Started cards make sure you get connected to do that.

You’ll also be able to add more members of your team to your account, directly from the onboarding page.

Finally, you’ll also be able to invite any partners with whom you already work, partners who may or may not already be Convictional. 

If you’re a seller, once your products have been uploaded to the system, you can activate the ones that you want to make available to your buyers. This step will be completed once you’ve activated at least 1 product.

Once a product has been activated, sellers will also be able to create buyer-specific pricing lists for those products. Clicking the button will allow you to create a price list in the dashboard or upload a CSV file. This step will be completed once you assign a price list to a buyer.

Accelerating the path to “day one value”

Seller onboarding experiences historically range from clunky to terrible. Brands and merchandising teams often have to bend their workflow to suit the enterprise tool, despite being the customer paying for the tool. 

With our Getting Started cards, we worked to make the obligatory onboarding process as smooth and simple as possible. Our customers already enjoy the simple user interface of our dashboard. Our new process invites users along a clear, expedient path from saying “yes” to Convictional to achieving day one value and receiving their first sale.

Our Getting Started cards bring the seller and buyer onboarding procedure one step closer to the painless — even satisfying — process that modern and classic retailers have come to expect from a modern technology partner. 

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Roxine Kee

Growth Engineer

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