New in Convictional: January 2023

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Welcome to our monthly product update! Each month, we'll share exciting new capabilities built to automate your dropship and marketplace operations.

This month, we have four new features to share with you:

  1. Autonomous Merchandising API
  2. Wholesale and Onboarding APIs
  3. In-App Support Documentation
  4. Enhanced Product Synchronization

Autonomous Merchandising, Now Available via API

Last month, we launched Autonomous Merchandising — a suite of tools aimed at reducing the merchandising time and effort required to launch dropship products. This month, we've brought it to the Convictional API.

Customers integrated with Convictional through the API can now programmatically get products from suppliers that already conform to the requirements needed to make them ready to sell online.

These transformations range from modifying product titles, descriptions and images to automated tagging and more. We're excited to continue innovating in removing manual bottlenecks from the merchandising process, enabling retailers on Convictional to expand their assortments with ease.

View API Documentation

New Wholesale and Onboarding API Integrations

A range of functionality that was previously only available through the UI, is now available for customers to access programmatically via API. New API endpoints for Shipping, Wholesale Quoting, and Onboarding Workflows (actions) are now published, and available for integration.

In-App Support Documentation

Convictional’s support documentation is now available inside the application to help users set up and create successful partnerships without leaving the platform. When guidance is needed users can get relevant support documentation by clicking the help button at the bottom right of the screen, which will suggest articles and provide a link to the full repository of support guides.

Enhanced Product Synchronization

This month, we've made it easier to resolve a challenge on Shopify where products would stop synchronizing unexpectedly, requiring users to select and deselect products until synchronization was complete. With this update, users are able to select products once and view a status indicator of synced, syncing or not synced to confirm products are available to sell in their Shopify store.

Here's a demo from Jake Strang, a member of our engineering team:

That's it for this month! If you have questions or feedback about these features, let us know at

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