Why Classic Brand Psycho Bunny Decided to Partner with Canada’s Premiere Luxury Men’s Retailer

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I’ve been doing this for 20+ years. I love this business to death. No money in the world would make me want to change what I do for a living or trade the opportunity to be on the Psycho Bunny rollercoaster."

In 2021, Sandro Pugliese helped broker a dropship marketplace between Psycho Bunny and Harry Rosen — Canada’s premiere luxury menswear retailer.

Sandro is Psycho Bunny’s international sales and business development manager. 

He oversees their wholesale business outside of the United States, from franchise affiliates to distributors.

The Psycho Bunny Story

Psycho Bunny is a menswear brand known for reinventing classic styles with clever detailing and vibrant colors.

Founded in 2005 with a mission of creating the perfect polo, they developed a cult-following for their commitment to quality and unconventional logo. The brand offers a playground for self-expression and encourages their customers to showcase their individuality with pops of colour and bold graphics.

They have since expanded from polos to tees, French terry fleece, technical outerwear and so much more. They continue to open stores across the United States, and are increasing their footprint with a number of retailers worldwide. 

Why partner with Harry Rosen

On the surface, Harry Rosen and Psycho Bunny may not seem to have much in common.

Harry Rosen is one of Canada’s classic menswear retailers with brick and mortar stores all over the country. They’ve styled Canada’s most powerful men since 1954.

In contrast, Psycho Bunny is a premium upstart that has grown exponentially over the last few years. They manufacture products that skate the fine line between an energetic brand personality and comfortable, premium fabrics.

What brought the two brands together? First, it was a like minded attention to quality apparel.

Aligned values

Psycho Bunny sets itself apart from other menswear brands with its intriguing attention to detail and unconventional logo. The brand bets not only on how each piece of apparel looks, but also on how the customer feels when they wear it.

Similarly Harry Rosen’s EVP of strategy & digital transformation, Ian Rosen, told us in an interview that, “Harry Rosen has been all about helping men feel confident, so that they do their best. Nothing in that statement stops or starts with clothing.”

But it’s more than just brand alignment that brought the two luxury brands together. 

Geographic market penetration

Being an American brand, Psycho Bunny has carved out a niche in the premium sportswear market in the United States, but its presence into the Canadian market is still in its infancy. 

It’s no secret that Harry Rosen is the pinnacle of men’s premium retail in Canada. Harry Rosen offered the ideal platform to introduce Psycho Bunny to the Canadian consumer.

Working with Harry Rosen and Convictional gave Psycho Bunny visibility into geographical business information that they never had access to previously. They now had the ability to see where the customers were located and what they purchased. 

From this, Sandro and his team learned that Psycho Bunny was gaining popularity in Canada beyond the major metropolitan hotspots of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

White glove customer experience 

Harry Rosen’s clothing advisors live and breathe the luxury industry. They help define a customer’s style, keep track of their wardrobe, and suggest style updates for all occasions. 

Sandro felt that Harry Rosen’s highly trained team of personal stylists were the perfect ambassadors to introduce Psycho Bunny to Canadians.

He says, “The quality of their staff’s training and service elevates everything: from how you’re greeted, how you’re served, and most importantly, how knowledgeable each sales professional is. Harry Rosen is the benchmark for service in Canada in the men’s retail space. To be successful in that space is a win within itself for us.”

Omnichannel sales

Psycho Bunny saw its partnership with Harry Rosen as a truly omnichannel way to reach the Canadian demographic. Psycho Bunny’s presence in Harry Rosen’s robust digital marketplace and 17 nationwide store locations allows them to reach Canadians, online or offline.

Before partnering with brands like Psycho Bunny, Harry Rosen had invested tremendous resources on their digital transformation. As a result, its brand partners saw significant sales from both the brick and mortar locations and the ecommerce dropship channel.

Psycho Bunny leverages dropship data to inform physical merchandising decisions

Even as Psycho Bunny offers its products on Harry Rosen’s shelves, they’re no newcomer to the retail space.

Psychobunny operate their own stores in North America, Asia, Central  America, and South America, including their first flagship store  Aventura, Florida.

The Florida store was meant as a testing ground for new product categories. For example, no one at that time thought of Psycho Bunny for their swim trunks. These days, it’s one of their best-selling categories.

Today, they have a lower-risk way to determine assortments. 

The speed, low risk, and low latency qualities of a dropship partnership allows Psycho Bunny’s merchandising team to test adventurous styles, unconventional colours, and inventive silhouettes online — assortments that they might not otherwise have chosen for their brick and mortar store. Successful digital assortments are then translated over to the in-store experience for the following season. 

Sandro sees the dropship partnership with Harry Rosen doing them a similar service, at scale. He says, “Retail complements wholesale. Wholesale complements retail. We have multiple sales channels that all complement each other and work together to drive the brand’s success and reach different markets and demographics.”

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