Convictional vs. Carro

With four platform integrations, support for EDI, white glove brand sourcing, and autonomous merchandising tools, retailers prefer Convictional over Carro for their cross-selling and dropship automation needs. 

Six reasons to choose Convictional over Carro

4 ecommerce platform integrations

Carro only allows you to partner with brands with their Shopify app. With Convictional, you can partner with brands with our Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento 2 integrations.

Support for EDI, API, and CSV integrations

Partners who can’t use our native ecommerce integrations can integrate with three more paths. Carro doesn’t support any of these paths right now.

Free for suppliers to use

Carro charges both retailers and suppliers on every transaction, creating friction for your brand partners. Convictional is free for suppliers — we only charge retailers for using our platform.

Control product pricing on your store

Carro doesn’t allow retailers to control pricing for supplier products. Convictional provides pricing control to retailers.

Create new partnerships with zero effort

Carro has a marketplace to find new brands, but it’s easy to get lost because they’re not personalized for you. At Convictional, our team identifies the right partners in our network and negotiates partnership agreements on your behalf.

Merchandise products automatically

Carro may be able to bring in your vendor’s products in your marketplace. But it isn’t able to merchandise these products to fit your marketplace’s standards.

Convictional’s Autonomous Merchandising feature automates the bulk of your merchandising needs:

  1. Product Data Transformations: We transform vendor product data, like product titles, product copy, and product imagery, to conform to your brand standards.
  2. Product Data Validation: We’ll flag product data you require from vendors — ingredient lists, size guides, language translations, barcodes, and more — and notify brands to include them in your product listings.
  3. Product Taxonomy Alignment [Beta]: We’ll align new products to your existing product taxonomy, so that they live in the right categories and collections on your site.

Don't take our word for it...

Convictional is the leading tool in the dropshipping software category on G2
Dropshipping Small Business
Marketplace Small Business
Supplier Relationship Management
Dropshipping Small Business
Dropshipping Total
The most seamless way to get retail placement
"The on-boarding process was relatively easy. It does integrate with our 3 pl so reduces the manual inputs needed from our team...It has been a huge boon for our omnichannel strategy."
Very user-friendly platform and friendly support team!
"Products sync right to our retailers shopify - no need for PIM. Orders come right through our store for easy and fast fulfillment. Great support team (real humans) at Convictional to ensure that the platform meets our needs."
Genius set-up
"I wish all of my dropshipping brands were on Convictional. It takes all the hassle out of ordering for my clients, saving me so much time and also being able to offer a much bigger product catalogue."
An easy-to-use platform that seamlessly connects us to the online retail marketplace
"I think the most convenient thing about Convictional is that we were able to import all of our products and pricing from our Shopify store and can then create separate pricelists & quotes depending on what retailer we're partnering with."
Super easy onboarding using Convictional through our Big Commerce platform
"Our onboarding using Convictional was very easy, great pedagogic instructions made it easy for me to execute the API set-up without an IT consultant. Effortless set-up."

When should you choose...

Cross-sell with brands on Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.
White glove brand partnership support

Convictional curates brands you can partner with so that you can focus on promoting partnerships instead of finding the right partners for your store.

Autonomous Merchandising for partner products
Cross-sell with Shopify brands only

Carro is great if you’re on Shopify and only want to cross-sell with other Shopify brands. 

Search and partner with brands by yourself

You can find new brands to partner with on Carro’s marketplace, if you have the time and energy to do so.

Manual merchandising for partner products