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How Harry Rosen Began Dropshipping at Scale with Convictional

“Harry Rosen is dropship done right at scale”
Ian Rosen - President & COO



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Harry Rosen began in East Toronto’s Cabbagetown in 1954 when Harry and his brother Lou opened a small made-to-measure menswear store with a down payment of $500. From day one, Harry’s vision was to become a genuinely international men’s boutique that exemplifies service, advice, craftsmanship, personality and individualization in clothing and accessories for men. With a curation of the world’s top menswear, decades of accumulated product and style expertise and an understanding of what the modern man wants in his wardrobe, Harry Rosen is here to help men feel good and do good in their personal and professional lives.

The Goal

Grow the Business with a Modern Approach to Dropship 

The Harry Rosen team knows that it takes capital and commitment to build a great brick and mortar store. They should know — they operate 17 physical retail stores, including 3 outlets, across Canada. 

They took a similar approach when they invested in a digital marketplace that could augment the in-store experience. “We were already seeing our best clients shop us differently. This is a tell that digital needs to be infused in the experience.” - Ian Rosen,  President and COO. 

With digital infused into the experience, the next logical step was to broaden selection with existing vendors, and introduce new ones without taking on new inventory.

The Challenge

Bridging Enterprise Systems With Modern Ecommerce Vendors

While the team knew that there were modern vendors out there that had strong existing online infrastructure, they needed a bridge that made their enterprise systems compatible with those vendors. 

Without this bridge, they’d face the same manual onboarding and transaction challenges as retailers with existing dropship programs. Historically the only way to address these challenges has been to hire more people, a path the team knew wouldn’t scale.

“We were already seeing our best clients shop us differently. This is a tell that digital needs to be infused in the experience.”
Ian Rosen, EVP Digital & Strategy.

The Solution

Curated Dropship at Scale, Built on Convictional

Convictional serves as the marketplace bridge between Harry Rosen and their partners’ ecommerce ecosystems. 

This technology partnership allows hand selected brands to onboard and join the marketplace with low overhead and minimal risk, while providing Harry Rosen with the technology to scale its brand partnerships without additional headcount or inventory.  

Once Harry Rosen onboards a new vendor, Convictional automates everything from creating and updating products to managing orders and sending invoices.

The Results

Growth Through Dropship and OmniChannel Distribution 

Today, Harry Rosen’s online storefront is their largest storefront. Existing customers are increasingly shopping both in store and online, while online channels are attracting customers new to the Harry Rosen brand. 

The key to their growth is partnerships that allow the quick introduction of new, hand selected categories and products that align with their customer’s evolving needs. 

While new partners may start as dropship-only, online relationships, Harry Rosen is able to use its online presence as a testing ground for when these partnerships should migrate to an omni-channel approach, with products on both its digital and physical shelves.

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