Dropship without portals, spreadsheets,
& competitive marketplaces

Allow any buyer & dropshipper to sell your products on their stores.
Convictional sends orders back to you instantly.

Interested in offering an industry-leading dropship program to your B2B customers?

Dropshipping as easy as sending an email

Invite Your Trading Partners

Send dropshippers an email invite through Convictional. Once they accept, they will be connected to your dropship platform.
Now, they are ready to start selling.

Sync Inventory, Products, & Pricing

Control what your dropshippers can sell, and let Convictional sync data from your systems (ERP or ecommerce platform) to the dropshipper’s online store.

Receive Orders & Earn More Revenue

Convictional transmits all of the fulfillment information to you the moment an order containing your product(s) is placed at the retailer. Then you can automatically bill the retailer on shipment.

It’s like a private dropshipping marketplace —
where you are the only supplier

Control Your Customer

As a supplier, you own your customer relationships and your data. That’s why we make it easy for you to add or remove partners. Convictional logs every interaction so you have an audit trail of all activity.

Make It Dead-Simple
For Dropshippers

It’s never been easier to source products to dropship. As a result, competition is fierce among suppliers. With Convictional, you can become the easiest dropship supplier in your industry to work with.

Visibility On Each Order

Ensure your dropshippers are complying by seeing the source of each of their orders. If an order comes from an unwanted third-party channel, you will know and can take action.

Built-In Oversell Protection

Convictional intelligently monitors and syncs inventory across your customers so you will never sell a product that is out of stock. Currently supports Shopify with more coming.

Monetize Your
Dropshipping Program

Feel free to charge a monthly fee to access your dropshipping catalogue. Suppliers using Convictional often charge a monthly membership fee as an additional way to earn predictable revenue. If you want to make it free, that’s cool, too.

Terms or Card-On-File?
You Choose

Bill your customers for each order or send them one invoice containing all orders with flexible terms (net 30, 45, 60, etc.). Want terms? We’ll even help you finance the accounts receivable.

Ready to launch & scale your digital marketplace?