Connect all of the systems you
use to run your wholesale business

Get your trading partners to speak with your systems without hassles.

Convictional customers receive the highest ROI


faster implementation than legacy vendors
(launch in weeks versus months)


hours saved per week on eliminated manual
order entry

$40k+ / year

saved in eliminated admin expenses

$30K+ / year

saved in eliminated outsourced EDI fees


saved in eliminated outsourced EDI fees

Eliminate the pain of manual order entry through powerful integrations

Integrate with your trading partners —
whether they want EDI, an API, or an ecommerce platform connector

Why Developers Love Convictional

Platform API

Convictional’s fully-documented REST API means that you can build your own integration atop of the platform. Everything you can do via the Platform API, you can do in the non-technical admin. See Convictional’s Platform API docs.


Convictional’s EDI API enables you to send, receive, translate EDI documents with a modern API. Often, large trading partners will require EDI compliance. Now, you can integrate your EDI with your back office systems that don’t support EDI. See Convictional’s EDI API docs.


Audit every order, interaction, and integration across Convictional through Logs. Every interaction you or a partner takes is logged so you can maintain an ongoing record.

Technical Support

Talk to a real developer from Convictional, not a support agent. We believe engineers should support the product they create. We will help you launch and support you as you grow.

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