Plans for Retailers and Vendors

Enteprise Retailer Plan

Large Retailers, Marketplaces & Distributors

Our most successful customers are established retailers launching or aggressively growing dropship and marketplace programs.

Sound like you?

  • Grow revenue while removing inventory dependencies
  • Reduce inventory and supplier costs
  • Product, category, and business lines extensions
  • Exploring how to unshackle growth from your wholesale budgets
If you check all the boxes, let's talk!

Self-Service Plan

Not ready to take the leap? Here's how we can help

Begin using Convictional without any handholding. Our onboarding will guide you from sign up to your first B2B purchase order.

How it works

  • Self guided supplier enablement platform setup
  • Choose your integration path
  • Turnkey Shopify integration. Pull 3rd party inventory right into your existing site
  • Send orders with Convictional's Web App
  • Implement the Convictional API
  • Set up your payment method and begin inviting partners
  • Standard Support Plan
Subscription fees: 5% of GMV, billed monthly

Selling on Convictional is free

Self-Serve Seller

Suppliers, Brands, Vendors and Manufacturers

Enter into B2B relationships with retailers without the cost and complexity of legacy EDI.

Plan Details

  • Create account - choose your integration path
  • Our brand partnerships team will contact you about retail opportunities
  • Set up your payment method to begin inviting partners
  • Standard Support Plan
Selling on Convictional is free

Powerful infrastructure to launch & scale your digital marketplace.

Futureproof your store with an inventory-free assortments

Convictional enables large B2C retailers & B2B distributors to start and grow an online marketplace, driving more selection and revenue.

It's a new business model that's built for the world of ecommerce.

Prevent overselling on virtual SKUs

Know exactly what your sellers have (or don’t have) with our automated order and inventory syncing.

Never sell stock you don’t have, ever again.

Learn what customers want

Throw away your inventory forecasts. Your customers' tastes are changing faster than your ability to plan your inventory buys.

With Convictional, rapidly test new products, categories, and brands in minutes, minus the inventory risk.

Fastest seller onboarding experience

Within a few minutes, sellers can integrate Convictional with their current systems to start selling on your B2C or B2B marketplace.

We integrate into your vendor's existing ecommerce environment, whether it’s EDI, Shopify Plus, or API. No re-platform required.

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