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Here, you can find the most commonly asked questions and answers related to Convictional’s pricing plans and implementation.

What is Convictional’s standard pricing model?

Convictional offers a standardized pricing model and a customized model. The standard model is available on our pricing page, and breaks down as a combination of software usage and a percentage of revenue.

Does Convictional offer alternate pricing models?

Yes, qualifying customers may prefer one of our alternate pricing paths. Options include paying for software usage only (SaaS fee) or a combination of software usage and a % of revenue are available. Contact sales for more details.

What are merchandised products? How much do you charge for merchandised products?

Merchandised products have been adjusted by our automations in our system in some way. Convictional has the ability to automate merchandising tasks through customizable rules for your products, including modifying titles, descriptions, tags, and image sizing standards.

How long does it take to implement Convictional?

Implementation will depend on what platform you are integrating with, however, users of modern ecommerce platforms will be able to establish their initial connection to our platform in 15 minutes or less. Integrations into custom systems will take longer, however our support teams are available to assist your technical team with any questions they may have. Once the initial setup has been completed, partnering with other users of our platform becomes exponentially faster.

Why should I choose Convictional over other competitors?

Few other competitors are as invested in the success of your dropshipping program the way our team is. Functionally, other platforms have limitations on the number of SKUs you can sync in a partnership, as well as limitations in pricing flexibility and merchandising capabilities. Convictional aims to improve efficiency with your existing dropshipping partners and free up your resources to focus on growing GMV in this category.

I’m a Seller and my partner invited me to Convictional. How do I get started?

The best place to get started is to review our Step by Step guide to Seller onboarding. This document will walk you through the process from accepting the invitation, connecting your platform and pricing your products to make them available for your partner.

I’m a Buyer and I want to sign up and invite my partners to join the platform. How do I get started?

To get started as a buyer on our platform you can review our Step by Step guide to Buyer onboarding. Those steps will walk you through setting up your account and inviting your partners to the platform.

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Here, you can find the most commonly asked questions and answers related to Convictional’s pricing plans and implementation.

How much does it cost to connect to Convictional?

There is no cost for you to use Convictional we’re paid by your Buyer partner, not you.

How much does it cost if I want to connect with EDI?

There are no additional costs associated with our self-serve EDI set up.

Can I onboard my retailers to use Convictional?

Yes, onboarding your retailers to Convictional is as easy as inviting them by email in the Convictional platform. If they’re built with Shopify or Magento2 Buyer onboarding can take a matter of minutes.

Will my products be published “everywhere”?

No, you have complete control over which products you offer to which retailers.

If I have any questions along the way, who can I reach out to?

Our Support team is available at for any of your questions.

How do I get paid and who pays me?

Your retailer partner pays you on each order, when and how you are paid should be included in your commercial discussions with your retail partner.

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