Use Cases
Add more SKUs to your assortment without inventory risk

Lengthy vendor onboarding times prevent SKU expansion. Speed it up.

Stop waiting for IT teams to set up connections for you.

  • Work with any vendor with Shopify, API, EDI, SFTP, and CSV connection paths 
  • Remove onboarding bottlenecks with dedicated support teams
  • Give your suppliers a self-serve onboarding experience - no need to add to your headcount
  • Discover your next 6-figure brands with our expert sourcing team

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

Hit assortment goals by simplifying the supplier onboarding experience

>60% of suppliers who agree to work with you will never onboard to your IT systems.

Convictional connects you to any vendors in days instead of months, with integrations available for any size and type of retailer.

Find your next six-figure brands with our sourcing teams

  • Discover best-fit suppliers based on margin, category, brand fit, and shipping requirements.
  • Leverage Convictional’s existing network of 1600+ brands to initiate partnership conversations. Scale your brand outreach, we discover and email new brands on your behalf. 

We’ve done this before.

Meet Elio Tremonti. He built a $125 million dropship marketplace at Staples and leads our Customer Success Team. Our team has launched dozens of marketplaces of all sizes from scratch. We can:
  • Consult on marketplace operations and org chart 
  • Share best practices so that you avoid the most common marketplace mistakes
  • Work together to implement initiatives that grow your sales
"Since implementing Convictional, we’re adding 18 new vendors a month and 30 new brands. We’re up 140% on vendor count YTD (in 3 months of Convictional being live)."

Key Platform Features

  • Automate ordering, fulfillments, invoicing and vendor payouts
  • Customize onboarding steps to your digital marketplace program.
  • Support EDI for classic sellers and brands (the Nike’s of the world)
  • Load high-fidelity product content into your existing ecommerce platform. No re-platform required.
  • Provide a complete menu of integration options (Shopify, CSV, EDI, SFTP, WooCommerce, BigCommerce)