Use Cases
Grow your marketplace, we’ll maintain the infrastructure 

Focus on meaningful feature development, we can handle the backend

Convictional takes care of the backend infrastructure for your marketplace, so you can focus on the core features and customer experience.
  • Support millions of SKU’s syncing into your systems
  • Worry less, with a dedicated support team to troubleshoot supplier questions and maintain connections
  • Allow any supplier to onboard themselves with our complete menu of integration options

Convictional gives large B2B marketplaces tools to onboard new vendors and scale assortment

Use Convictional’s menu of integration options to provide easy supplier onboarding for marketplace, dropship, and wholesale business models. 
  • Offer options for suppliers to self integrate via API, CSV, EDI, SFTP 
  • Enable Convictional Payouts to invoice vendors and instantly payout upon shipment
  • Protect yourself from overselling, with real time inventory accuracy
  • Automate order routing to vendors
  • Communicate order status and shipping details back to your customers
  • Seamlessly integrate vendors into your existing returns workflow via return and refund APIs.

Let suppliers self-onboard and manage listings with a dedicated portal

Suppliers can onboard themselves and sync their product data into your systems without involving an IT team. Average onboarding time is 10 days or less. 
  • Upload price lists
  • Enable or disable SKU availability to trading partners
  • Automatically sync product images and descriptions
  • Invite partners with simple email invites

Catalog Mapping, Deduplication & Validation

  • Specify validation rules around product data to avoid errors 
  • Override and edit data for ingestion or categorization 
  • Allow sellers to update product information by syncing changes from their platform
  • Specify and map to custom attributes in your system

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