Use Cases
Transform your existing ecommerce site into a B2C marketplace

You want to build a marketplace filled with quality brands, but they don’t want to jump through hoops

>70% of brands connecting to our retailers today prefer to use API integrations. Those brands are driving marketplace programs growing revenue 145%+ each month at our customers.

When brands are “put on the IT roadmap” and wait months to connect to your systems, 66% of brands will fail to connect to your systems and drop out from the onboarding process.
They need an easy way to start working with you.

Convictional makes it easy to work with any brand you want 

Use Convictional’s menu of integration options to provide easy supplier onboarding for marketplace, dropship, and wholesale business models. 
  • Shopify brands can connect to your systems in minutes 
  • Offer options for suppliers to self integrate via API, CSV, EDI, SFTP 
  • Own your vendor relationships. Brands you bring are exclusive to you and not shared with competitors
  • Large classic brands (Nike, Michael Kors) can integrate with EDI
  • Leverage Convictional support teams to troubleshoot and train vendors on self-onboarding

Everything you need to launch & manage your marketplace

  • Automated order routing, pricelists, product content syncing
  • Communicate order status and shipping details back to your customers
  • Seamlessly integrate vendors into your existing returns workflow via return and refund APIs.
  • Optionally enable Convictional Payouts to invoice vendors and instantly payout on ship
  • Vendors ship on your behalf, following your SLAs and brand requirements
  • Never oversell again with real time inventory accuracy

No need to Replatform

On Shopify? We can get started in minutes.

If you’re on another platform, our partners can work with you to build into our API. There’s no need to “rip and replace” your existing systems. 
  • Full marketplace API for product listings, sellers, inventory and orders, allowing you to integrate into any platform
  • Payouts can be automated via Stripe or routed through your system
  • We are part of the MACH Alliance, and can easily integrate with your other software providers
  • Combine 1st party inventory and 3rd party inventory in your existing ecommerce checkout, with orders routed to the correct vendor. 

We’ve done this before

Meet Elio Tremonti. He built a $125 million dropship marketplace at Staples. He and the rest of our Customer Success team, have launched dozens of marketplaces of all sizes from scratch. We can:
  • Consult on marketplace operations and org chart 
  • Share best practices and lessons learned, don’t repeat the mistakes of others
  • Discover and intro you to new suppliers that match your vision and brand

Helping The Fascination transition from affiliate to a dropship marketplace

With Convictional, The Fascination onboarded 50 brands in two months, more than one brand every business day. 
The Fascination-1
“The platform makes it incredibly easy to plug in, sync price lists and get up and running. We’ve been able to get brands with some really large catalogs onboarded at tremendous speed.”