Use Cases
Supporting endless aisle strategies with dropship

Combine the in store experience with the financial flexibility of dropship

  • Allow customers to interact with products in-store then ship direct to home
  • Remove the need to maintain and balance inventory stocks across different locations
  • Large SKU’s such as furniture and desks benefit from allowing consumer to sample in store before being fulfilled from a distribution center. 

Increase assortment size to build customer loyalty

Onboard new vendors to give your customers increased choice and flexibility
  • Arm associates with a wider assortment of products to upsell and bundle
  • Experiment with new categories of products 
  • Add complementary products to your core assortment to drive more foot traffic

Derisk future inventory buys

Stop buying inventory based on best guesses and hunches.

Using dropship data on products will allow you to derisk inventory buy decisions, giving your teams stronger SKU volume forecasts based on historical data.

Integrate easily with any system

You can use our API to build into any platform, allowing product data from your vendors to be synced with your PIM and ecommerce software.