Use Cases
Poor supplier enablement is the hidden bottleneck to retail growth 

How long does it take for your team to take a new supplier live? 

Lengthy onboarding times make it impossible to hit quarterly and annual assortment and revenue goals

Digital and eCommerce teams are accountable for SKU growth and sales numbers that their supplier onboarding technology prevents them from hitting
  • Fix your leaky brand pipelines, see more brands go live and start selling 
  • Offer integration paths for any type and size of vendor to connect to your retail systems
  • 10x the speed of your supplier onboarding to hit your goals 

Are you measuring supplier churn? 

66% of brands who agree to work with you will never end up onboarding to your systems and making a single sale.

Does your team see brands “disappearing”? Are you constantly told that you’re “on the IT roadmap” only to never hear from the brand again? You might have a supplier churn problem.

Empower merchandising and buying teams to onboard brands without IT involvement

Traditional EDI onboarding software is complex, resulting in responsibility split amongst a variety of teams. This slows communication, demands additional headcount, and reduces onboarding speed. 

Hold business teams accountable and give them the tools they need to manage the end-to-end onboarding experience.
  • Sync over product images, attributes, and descriptions directly to your systems, no more manual data entry
  • Inventory syncing to prevent overselling 
  • Invoices and payouts sent to your AP or accounting systems 
  • Toggle which SKU’s you want to take live
  • Connect easily to any vendor with paths for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, EDI, CSV, API, and SFTP. 
“When the IT team finally managed to onboard vendors, the products were already out of season… 80% of the time was because of EDI” 

Experiment with assortment and find your next 6-figure brands 

When you can work with anyone, your teams can experiment and increase their chances of finding the next 6-figure revenue brand
  • Reduce the amount of inventory held by using no-inventory dropship and marketplace models
  • Find brands adjacent to your core products and fill holes in your assortment 
  • Rapidly discover and onboard promising brands that can drive 6-figure sales
  • Use Convictional’s sourcing team to complement your brand outreach efforts. 

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

"Since implementing Convictional, we’re adding 18 new vendors a month and 30 new brands. We’re up 140% on vendor count YTD (in 3 months of Convictional being live)."