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Onboard and sell the brands your customers can’t live without.

How a Curated Dropship Expansion Powers
Ecommerce Growth.

Expanded, Curated Assortments

Become more to your customers by offering more of what they love. Convictional helps you achieve freshness and differentiation with a broader assortment and new, complementary product categories.

Rapid Testing and Learning

Keeping a pulse on what’s next for your customers requires experimentation. Rapid onboarding enables you to test viral trends on Tik Tok that make sense for your brand, so you can let customers vote with their wallets.

Test. Learn. Repeat.

Unlimited Virtual Inventory

With virtual inventory from new dropship partners, you can offer complete size, color and style ranges and participate in “vendor clear outs” without increasing the risk of mark-downs and liquidations.

Higher Order Values

Warehouse capacity and inventory risk are yesterday’s problems. Your curated selection of dropship suppliers will ship oversized and aspirationally priced items right to your customer’s doorstep.

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“Once we onboard a new vendor, Convictional automates everything from creating and updating products to managing orders and sending invoices."
“The fact that we’ve been able to get 50 brands up and running this quickly, lets us start optimizing for KPIs like conversion rates, basket size, and AOV"
“Convictional’s technology unlocks an opportunity to welcome hundreds of new brands and thousands of new items to our digital platforms."

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How we do it

Integrate Vendors

Provide vendors with the integration option that works for them, and you’ll see the results in onboarding times of days or less.

Validate Product Data

Require brand partners to include certain types of data associated with their products, helping you merchandise faster when all relevant data is available.

Sync Products & Pricing

Receive automatic updates when vendors add new products to their ecommerce systems, enabling you to continuously expand and curate your assortment.

Fulfill Orders

Automatically route multi-vendor orders to the right supplier, and transmit order information using their method of choice.

Curate your assortments in a day: Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
Curate your assortments in a day:
Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
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