Use Cases
Put an end to your failing marketplace program

It’s no wonder your marketplace miracle didn’t come true. You forgot about treating your suppliers 

Supplier onboarding times are the hidden bottleneck to marketplace growth

Teams with quarterly revenue and SKU goals to hit will never be able to accomplish them with unpredictable and lengthy supplier onboarding times.

How can your teams hit their goals when it takes more than a quarter to onboard a supplier?

Derisk assortment expansion

Adding the right, curated SKU’s drives more revenue. You can do it without taking risky inventory positions.

Convictonal can support assortment expansions by
  • Discovering and introducing your team to best fit brands 
  • Making SKU’s available to your existing systems, plug us into any platform
  • Speeding up supplier onboarding, start monetizing partnerships sooner

We’ve done this before

Meet Elio Tremonti. He built a $125 million dropship marketplace at Staples. He, along with our Customer Success Team has launched dozens of marketplaces of all sizes from scratch. We can:
  • Consult on marketplace operations and org chart 
  • Implement best practices and lessons learned, don’t repeat the mistakes of others
  • Discover and intro you to new suppliers that match your vision and brand
“Before Convictional, we were onboarding 1-2 vendors a month with a team of 20+. With Convictional we’re onboarding 10-20 vendors each month with 2 full time staff”