Expand Operating Margin.

Reduce inventory and labor costs across your entire supplier base.

How Dropship Automation Powers Margin Expansion.

Improve Margins

On one platform, Convictional enables you to wholesale best sellers and evergreen merchandise while moving low volume, long tail and untested SKUs to dropship supporting an endless aisle strategy. When dropship products perform well, you can seamlessly begin to wholesale them for higher better margins.

Reduce Inventory

Lowering the need for inventory purchased up-front enables you to use these funds for higher value digital initiatives. With a shift to virtual inventory, you can reallocate funds from lower merchandise, operational, and warehousing expenses.

Fewer Discounts

By shifting less reliable SKUs to dropship fulfillment, you can avoid discounting due to overbuying while maintaining virtual inventory to ensure stock is available to purchase.

Increased Productivity

Scaling your suppliers doesn’t have to mean scaling your team. Our customers enable dozens of vendors to self-service onboard each quarter with 1-2 staff members, and without high cost IT involvement.

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“Once we onboard a new vendor, Convictional automates everything from creating and updating products to managing orders and sending invoices."
“The fact that we’ve been able to get 50 brands up and running this quickly, lets us start optimizing for KPIs like conversion rates, basket size, and AOV"
“Convictional’s technology unlocks an opportunity to welcome hundreds of new brands and thousands of new items to our digital platforms."

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

How we do it

Self Service Onboarding

Offer an unmatched, low effort onboarding experience that dramatically reduces the time and expenses of with working with new vendors.

Pricing Flexibility

Ensure pricing mirrors your commercial agreements with the flexible ways to represent wholesale and dropship pricing, discounts and currency conversions.

Automated Order Management

Take order processing labor off your balance sheet with automation to split and route orders, share fulfillments and pay vendors.

Proactive Alerts

Preserve margins by taking rework off the table. We make you aware of issues like missing order details and system errors as soon as they happen.

Curate your assortments in a day: Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
Curate your assortments in a day:
Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
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