Use Cases
Simplify the IT connection between you and the retailer

It shouldn’t take months to start working with a retailer

Connect your ecommerce platform to your retailer in minutes

No more complex and time consuming integrations.
  • Sync inventory to avoid overselling 
  • Native Shopify integration, with paths for API, CSV, EDI, and SFTP
  • Get new orders sent directly to your ecommerce platform 

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

Get exposure to new retailers

Join our network of 1600+ brands. Our retailers are constantly looking for new brands and we’ll reach out to you if we see a fit.

Keep your products, orders, inventory, and invoices synced with your ecommerce platform 

  • Automated payouts with Stripe, pay on ship
  • Live inventory syncing to prevent over selling
  • Orders get sent directly to your ecommerce platform tagged by retailer 

Set negotiated prices with Convictional Pricelists

  • Set negotiated margins by % or flat $ amounts
  • Dictate currency and currency conversion rates
  • SKU level control over pricing 
  • Enable or disable SKU’s to control your listing

Invite your partners directly to Convictional

Use Convictional to expand your distribution to more sites. Invite partners to trade directly within the platform with a single email.

Outline required steps for onboarding

Use our action templates to guide your partners through common actions such as contracts, file uploads, and document acknowledgements.

We’ve integrated with Hellosign for a quick, hassle-free signing experience.
“When Convictional approached us, to be honest, we were very skeptical.
After setting it up we asked 'Is this it?'

For us… that was like 'oh my god, this is a game-changer.' I don’t have an easier system that I work with currently.”
Tanya Sharma
Co-Owner, Turquoise Palace
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