Use Cases
Start working with any supplier or brand in minutes - not months

Supplier onboarding for all business models

Use Convictional’s menu of integration options to provide easy supplier onboarding for marketplace, dropship, and wholesale business models.
  • Allow Shopify brands to connect into your systems in minutes 
  • Leverage Convictional support teams to troubleshoot and train vendors on self-onboarding
  • Offer options for suppliers to self integrate via API, CSV, EDI, SFTP 
  • Never oversell again with live inventory syncing.

Trusted by Enterprise Retailers, Distributors, and Marketplaces

Top brands will not wait to integrate into your systems

70% of brands connecting to our retailers today prefer to use the API first integrations, those brands are driving dropship programs growing revenue 145% each month at enterprise retailers.

When brands are “put on the IT roadmap”, 66% of brands will fail to connect to your systems and drop out from the onboarding process.

The most coveted brands have an endless amount of retailers and distributors who want to work with them, stop making them wait months to work with you.

Convictional makes it easy for brands to start doing business with you so you can hit your strategic goals.

Stop flooding your inbox to onboard a new supplier

Onboarding vendors can be an endless email chain of PDF’s, catalogs, contracts, and price lists. Use Convictional to organize and streamline the onboarding process.
  • Automatically load in pricelists, product images, and descriptions for review
  • Track the supplier funnel across all new partnerships
  • Easily share vendor agreements with e-signature contracts
  • Set and enforce rules on shipping time and return rates

Automated ordering, fulfillments, invoicing and vendor payouts

  • Automate order routing to vendors
  • Communicate order status and shipping details back to your customers
  • Protect yourself from overselling with realtime inventory accuracy
  • Enable Convictional Payouts to invoice vendors and instantly payout upon shipment
  • Seamlessly integrate vendors into your existing returns workflow via return and refund APIs.

EDI connection paths to work with large suppliers

Traditional EDI providers don’t play well with brands using modern platforms Shopify.

Typical modern dropship platforms can’t integrate with larger, classic brands like Nike who use EDI.

Convictional can do both.

Stop saying “no” to the brands you want to work with, start sending over Convictional invites.
“Before Convictional, we were onboarding 1-2 vendors a month with a team of 20+. With Convictional we’re onboarding 10-20 vendors each month with 2 full time staff”