Use Cases
For Vendor Management Teams

High performing vendor management teams use Convictional to onboard, integrate and scale their vendors faster. So they can spend their time on what matters most.

Stop waiting months for your EDI providers

EDI providers onboard new suppliers on their schedule. The result? Your suppliers disappear and never end up onboarding.

With Convictional, onboarding a vendor is as simple as sending an invite to their email, no more scoping conversations, sending PDF’s, or lengthy testing periods.

Work with any type of supplier 

With Convictional, suppliers can onboard self-serve via a menu of options including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce API, EDI, CSV, etc. 

Let one person manage onboarding, not 10

Convictional transmits orders using methods that integrate with existing fulfillment processes and enable ease of operations. This includes native vendor systems (ecommerce platforms) or through preconfigured methods (EDI or API).

Put infrastructure in place that empowers merchandising teams to complete onboarding themselves 

With Convictional, merchandising teams can take ownership of the entire onboarding process, from signed agreement to live.
  • Use Action Templates to enforce common actions like contract signs or file uploads 
  • Convictional’s support and customer success teams provide training and troubleshoot onboarding issues 
  • Track suppliers as they progress through the onboarding process
“The dropship team is adding 2x SKU compared to our larger wholesale team, we’re adding 18 new brands each month with 2 full time employees.”