Harry Rosen

Harry Rosen began in East Toronto’s Cabbagetown in 1954 when Harry and his brother Lou opened a small made-to-measure menswear store with a down payment of $500.

From day one, Harry’s vision was to become a genuinely international men’s boutique that exemplifies service, advice, craftsmanship, personality and individualization in clothing and accessories for men.

With a curation of the world’s top menswear, decades of accumulated product and style expertise and an understanding of what the modern man wants in his wardrobe, Harry Rosen is here to help men feel good and do good in their personal and professional lives.

40 Brands in 60 Days: Lessons in Launching a New Retail Product Category

Luxury men’s retailer Harry Rosen built a loyal customer base by having impeccable taste. So when they began to curate products in the grooming and home categories, their customers were already bought in. In this discussion, find out how they were able to partner with dozens of brands in weeks and make their category launches a success. 

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“We've increased customer loyalty and captured a higher share of wallet by offering up products that are a natural extension of the Harry Rosen style. Doing it without inventory removed a great deal of the risk involved.”

Shannon Stewart

Chief Product Officer


Harry Rosen

About the Webinar

In the e-commerce game of who has it first, are you the destination for what your customer wants next? Or the laggard who doesn’t have it until months later?

Harry Rosen is a luxury mens retailer that knows that speed matters. The ability to rapidly launch new categories keeps Harry Rosen’s assortment relevant and allows them to test and learn at a faster pace than the competition.

In this webinar, hosted by RetailWIRE, Shannon Stewart, Harry Rosen’s Chief Product Officer, and Chris Grouchy, Convictional President and Co-Founder, share the secrets behind how Harry Rosen was able to curate and launch 40 brands in 60 days.

Watch the webinar for the blueprint to:

  • Identify new brands and categories your customers will love.
  • Grow your assortment while minimizing inventory risk.
  • Build the capability to test new categories at the speed of consumer demand.

Webinar Speakers

Shannon Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Harry Rosen

Chris Grouchy

Co-Founder and President


Laura Davis


Branded Ground

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