Become the Digital Destination for all of your customer needs without inventory risk

Retail has evolved. Shouldn't you evolve with it?

Convictional enables online retailers to drive revenue, margin, and greater product selection without the risks and costs of inventory. Whether you operate an online store or a marketplace, use Convictional to onboard trusted dropship brands.

offer more products

Sell products from third-party brands and sellers through one-click onboarding. Unlock new growth by expanding your product catalogue and outsourcing fulfilment to vendors.

integrate inventory

Convictional lets you focus on selling while eliminating inventory risk. You can integrate the inventory of third-party vendors to your online store and take up to 50% margins on dropship products.

onboard faster

Onboard brands with the click of a button. Convictional's dropship automation solution eliminates the back-and-forth involved in getting your vendors' SKUs listed on your online store.

Convictional connects online retailers to brands.
Focus on selling, let brands handle fulfillment.

automate marketplace operations

Scale your marketplace or online store to thousands of brands and SKUs with robust software to automate inventory, product, and order syncing, pricing, vendor quality and SLAs, and payments. All in one powerful platform.

Access CONNECTED Brands & suppliers

Convictional's Seller Network accelerates the launches of marketplaces by providing intelligent curation and sourcing capabilities. Address changes in consumer preferences and drive repeat purchases through faster product catalogue iteration.

Leverage the DROPSHIP API.

Convictional's platform is API-first enabling custom integrations and workflows to sync with existing systems. Convictional’s developer documentation is publicly available. Need an integration? Our Services Team is here to help.

Grow sales and increase customer engagement by eliminating inventory risk and fulfillment costs

Convictional's Marketplace Platform enables dropship marketplaces & online stores to become a One-Stop-Shop for every customer need. Grow your product catalogue, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Integrate EXISTING systems

Integrate seamlessly with any existing ecommerce platform in one-click (such as Shopify or Shopify Plus). Convictional will send your data records wherever they are needed in any format.

concierge vendor sourcing

Receive a dedicated Marketplace Operations Team to help you launch and scale. Our in-house experts will curate and source vendors, make introductions, and onboard them to your marketplace.

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