Simons Launches Curated Dropship Program on Convictional

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Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Simons, an iconic enterprise retailer with a rich heritage that stretches back to 1840. Headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec, Simons has become synonymous with style and service in Canada, leading the way with a mix of sought-after styles and an unwavering commitment to customer care. Simons is boldly investing in a curated ecommerce experience that will enable them to rapidly add trendy products in a variety of categories — enabling them to quickly respond to customer needs and test new vendors and SKUs without holding inventory.

Enterprise Fashion Retailer Chooses Convictional for Dropship

We are delighted to be the exclusive dropship platform provider for a fellow Canadian company.  

Our team recently sat down with Canadian retail leader, Yannick Vial, Chief Digital Development and Unified Commerce Officer of Simons, to understand what their goals are in launching a curated dropship experience.

"Our aim with this program is to revolutionize the online shopping experience by blending curation and innovation,” said Yannick.

“We decided to launch this program because we understand the importance of digital transformation in the contemporary retail environment. As we constantly strive to provide a unique, inspiring shopping experience, we identified a need for a streamlined, automated vendor onboarding process for dropship that aligns with our vision of a flexible, responsive retail model."

Core to their brand promise, Simons wanted to maintain their high curation standards but needed a model that would enable them to flexibly and rapidly add products from any vendor — large and small — and continue to be the point of discovery for their customers. This meant first giving vendors a firstclass onboarding and integration experience, and opting for a supply model (dropship) that would give them control over the entire merchandising process.

Simons & Convictional: A New Chapter

As Simons sought to elevate their retail model, they recognized the need for a partner who could seamlessly integrate with their operations.

Enter Convictional — chosen for our supplier-centric approach, which simplifies the vendor onboarding process and significantly reduces manual work. From agreeing on commercial terms, setting up pricing, syncing product information, ensuring up-to-date inventory, to executing orders — Convictional ensures a frictionless experience for all parties.

Simons, a business that values efficiency and user experience, had initially attempted to onboard vendors manually. However, they soon found the process to be laborious and taxing for both their team and their vendors. They needed a solution that could automate interactions, facilitate seamless integration with commonly used supplier systems, and eliminate the need for point-by-point builds. This realization led them to Convictional, a platform designed to streamline and automate the intricacies of vendor onboarding and management.

In discussing why they selected Convictional, Yannick replied, “Working with Convictional has been an exciting and rewarding journey. We evaluated all the players in the market. The highlight of our collaboration has been the quality of their platform which will enable unique assortments.”

“Convictional’s supplier-centric approach has truly simplified the vendor onboarding process, reducing manual work, and enabling us to focus on our core aim of providing exceptional service to our customers. We were looking for a partner that could automate vendor interactions, facilitate seamless integration with commonly used vendor platforms systems, and remove the need for point solutions. With Convictional, we found a perfect match."

With Convictional's Buyer API, Simons could tap into a vast universe of vendors, achieving an immediate, significant ROI in terms of GMV growth and cost savings. This integration empowers Simons to continue their heritage of innovation, adopting an advanced dropship platform to enhance their e-commerce operations. They use Convictional’s Buyer API to connect into their existing in-house systems, giving them a seller (vendor) gateway without having to do any migration.

Through this partnership, Simons is taking a pioneering step, leveraging technology to create a curated e-commerce experience that will appeal to their discerning customer base. Convictional is proud to support Simons in this journey, providing the tools they need to realize their vision of a flexible, responsive, and streamlined retail model. The future of retail is evolving, and together, we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Embracing the Future

This partnership aligns with Simons' commitment to provide an inspiring shopping experience. By using Convictional's platform, Simons will offer a more diverse product range from a variety of artisans, thereby strengthening their position as a fashion destination.

Simons' decision to incorporate Convictional into its operations underlines its innovative approach to retail. By prioritizing a curated e-commerce experience, Simons is paving the way for a new era of retail, demonstrating how traditional retailers can leverage technology to remain competitive in a digital world.

As Simons embarks on this exciting new journey with Convictional, we look forward to witnessing the growth and innovation that is sure to come. With a shared passion for providing the best in fashion and service, together, we are set to redefine the retail experience for Canadians. Here's to a promising and fashion-forward future!

About Simons

Founded as a dry goods store by the son of a Scottish immigrant to Quebec, Simons has evolved over the years, incorporating youth-oriented brands in the 1960s and gradually transforming into a prominent department store. The business witnessed significant growth from 1981, expanding its reach across Quebec, and eventually, across Canada. The success of their location at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta paved the way for Simons to become a key anchor tenant at malls nationwide.

Their journey has been marked by continuous innovation, led by Richard and Peter Simons, who have successfully balanced the preservation of their rich heritage with the incorporation of contemporary trends. Their passion for fashion is the driving force behind their success and has led them to become a beacon of style for Canadians.

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