Convictional Partners with Lightspeed to Launch Supplier Network
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Convictional Partners with Lightspeed to Launch Supplier Network

  • Lightspeed is a cloud-based POS platform for over 100,000 brick-and-mortar retailers
  • The Lightspeed Supplier Network increases a brand’s popularity and order volume by making their catalog available to Lightspeed's vast customer portfolio of small-to-medium retail businesses
  • Convictional allows Lightspeed retailers to integrate with its suppliers' ecommerce platforms, enabling automated B2B transactions

Montreal, Canada — Lightspeed (TSX: LSPD) (NYSE: LSPD), a global point-of-sale platform, announced today that they have launched Supplier Network, in partnership with Convictional. 

The Lightspeed Supplier Network is a built-in B2B marketplace within a retailer's Lightspeed POS from which they can browse, discover, and order from new suppliers within the network. Convictional, an API-first marketplace infrastructure & integration platform, allows Lightspeed to integrate with its suppliers' via modern or classic methods. 

Peter Dougherty, VP of Partnerships at Lightspeed says, "Our merchants asked us to provide diverse paths enabling their suppliers to share products with them and receive orders, all in an automated way. We partnered with Convictional to build Lightspeed Suppliers, to give our merchants an easier way to source, onboard, integrate and transact with suppliers.”

Lightspeed innovates with Convictional: Launching marketplace & enabling network effects

Supplier Network opens up Lightspeed's billions of dollars of wholesale transactions to more brands. The network allows retailers to discover new suppliers and gives suppliers a new distribution channel to grow their business.

Retailers can directly order from the suppliers from within their Lightspeed POS. This automates the ordering process, increasing order frequency and accuracy.

Dougherty says, “By participating in the Lightspeed Suppliers network, manufacturers and brands get access to over 100,000 retailers ready to buy using Lightspeed. Our partnership gives merchants the same tools major retail uses to reach more customers, move inventory faster, and grow their business regardless of the retail environment they find themselves in."

Convictional's API-based infrastructure allows Lightspeed to onboard brands and suppliers into the Supplier Market. Whether they're on Shopify, WooCommerce, or EDI, Lightspeed suppliers can import their inventory and manage orders through their pre-existing system. Suppliers can also choose to build a custom integration through Convictional's Supplier API.

Derrick Boatwright, Director of Commercial Innovation at HLC Bike, says,  “Thanks to Convictional’s API onboarding, we were able to quickly get up and running with thousands of products in both the United States and Canada.  We are excited to work with Convictional and Lightspeed to make doing business easy for our customers through the Supplier’s Market.”

Suppliers in the network have full control over the product information within the catalog. They can update or edit the product names, descriptions, and images at any time. The catalog also integrates with native product feeds that update automatically, thus reducing stock outs, errors, and order fulfillment mishaps. This level of control enables retailer and supplier systems to share product information and expedite order fulfillment, saving time and resources on both sides.

“We’re proud to support Lightspeed to provide the best possible supplier enablement experience to over 100,000 retail customers,” said Roger Kirkness, co-founder and CEO of Convictional. “Together, we make it easy for Lightspeed merchants of every size to source, onboard, integrate and grow with their suppliers. I’m thrilled to announce this program together. If you’re looking for ways to supercharge your B2B sales in 2021, Lightspeed Suppliers is the best place to start.”

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