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You bought something from an online marketplace. You were told that your order would arrive at your doorstep within 48 hours. But, strangely, it didn’t. Instead, your order showed up 2 weeks later. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this kind of negative post-purchase experience is common for most people who have bought something from an online retailer or a digital marketplace.

An online retailer or marketplace is only as good as its last order. Most customers are not forgiving of negative post-purchase experiences. Trust is built slowly but can be permanently damaged with a single bad order. Even if the blame ultimately lies with the third-party seller who fulfilled the order, the retailer, marketplace, or distributor who originated the sale will be blamed by the customer. The mishandling of customer expectations post-purchase will harm a marketplace or retailer’s ability to grow customer lifetime value.

Preventing negative customer experiences for online retailers and marketplaces begins with strong seller service level agreements (SLAs). We’re taking the first step to solving that for Convictional customers.

Today, we are launching Convictional Seller SLAs.

Seller SLAs enable buyers (retailers, marketplaces, and distributors) to implement, monitor, and enforce service level agreements across their entire seller base.

Convictional Seller SLAs automates the seller compliance needs of buyers (retailers, marketplaces, and distributors).

With Seller SLAs, a buyer can reflect their desired customer post-purchasing experience inside of the platform. Buyers can determine their service level standards for average ship times and average return rates. From there, Convictional automatically monitors the adherence of these SLAs across your entire sellerbase — all from a single pane of glass. Ecommerce Managers and Marketplace Managers can then make the necessary enforcement decisions to prevent negative post-purchase experiences.

Seller SLAs are the fabric of scaling aggregation businesses. They are the difference between success or failure as an online retailer or marketplace. If a particular seller ships beyond your ship time SLA and thereby violates your Seller SLA in Convictional, you can enforce disciplinary action immediately by issuing a warning or by de-listing the responsible seller’s products from your online storefront. If a seller is struggling to maintain an acceptable rate of return, then you can launch an investigation into the cause.

Soon, Seller SLAs will automatically email scorecards containing up-to-date seller performance data to executive stakeholders. With Seller SLAs and scorecards, executives will be able to make more strategic decisions in order to improve customer experience and grow faster with the help of third-party sellers.

Interested in learning more about how Seller SLAs can improve your ecommerce post-purchase experience? Get in touch with us.

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