Launching Hearthsong's Curated Dropship Program

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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Hearthsong's new curated dropship program, powered by Convictional! Established with the aim of fulfilling children's natural curiosity and joy of play, Hearthsong has a long-standing history of providing high-quality, unique, and imaginative toys for kids of all ages. Now, they are expanding their mission to make play an even more magical and accessible experience by partnering with select brands to create a specially curated dropship program.

A Tradition of Playful Innovation

Hearthsong was born from founder Barbara Kane's desire to provide families with toys and games that promote the wonder of childhood and stimulate a child's natural rhythms of discovery. This journey began in 1983 with the first Hearthsong catalog, consisting of hand-picked toys and books sketched out in pencil drawings.

Over the years, Hearthsong has transformed into a nationally recognized and respected source for high-quality children’s toys, educational and creative play items, and multi-generational family activities. Now, they're excited to introduce their customers to a broader range of products that align with their commitment to joyful, imagination-building play.

A New Era of Curated Discovery

Hearthsong's curated dropship program takes the heart of their mission and broadens its horizons. The program is designed to cater to Hearthsong's three primary customer segments, offering a wide range of products that resonate with each distinct audience. They've successfully onboarded brands like Big Future Toys, Toki Mats, Loog Guitars, Balu Organics, Tenderleaf, Floss & Rock, and many more. These brands embody the spirit of Hearthsong and align with their high curation standards.

The dropship program is an opportunity for Hearthsong to further diversify its assortment and provide their customers with an expanded selection of carefully curated products that celebrate the joy and adventure of childhood.

Hearthsong has onboarded a plethora of curated brands who ship high-quality products to promote the wonder of childhood — all without inventory risk.

Powered by Convictional

Enter Convictional: Hearthsong's chosen partner to facilitate their curated dropship program. As experts in dropship and curated marketplace, Convictional provides the platform necessary for efficiently onboarding, integrating, and managing third-party vendors.

With Convictional's system, Hearthsong has streamlined syncing inventory, orders, and product information, effectively eliminating the need for manual updates. Vendors can manage products, pricing, and inventory within the platform.

To add an extra layer of support, Convictional's new AI feature, Chat, is available for vendors to receive onboarding and integration assistance. They can also interact with key documents like the vendor guide and agreement, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the dropship process.

Convictional has launched Chat, an AI-powered assistant enabling fast and secure collaboration between sellers (suppliers) and buyers (retailers).

To understand the goals of their curated dropship program, we sat down with Jamey Bennett, CEO of Children’s Group LLC (parent company of Hearthsong). 

"Launching our curated dropship program marks a significant step forward in Hearthsong's e-commerce journey," explains Jamey. "Our aim with this program is to enhance the way we connect our customers with an extended range of exceptional toys and games. We know that each family we serve has unique needs, interests, and values. With this program, we're able to tailor our offerings to resonate with each of our customer segments, creating an even more personalized and rewarding shopping experience."

"The decision to launch this program was inspired by our mission to unlock imaginations," continues Bennett. "We recognized that there were fantastic brands out there who share our ethos, but they were beyond the reach of our traditional model. By integrating these 'favorite brands' into our platform with the help of Convictional's platform, we're able to bring a broader range of high-quality, imagination-sparking products to our customers.”

On Partnering with Convictional

"In our search for a partner, we were seeking a blend of technology knowhow, scalability, and a shared vision for the future of ecommerce. Convictional has met our expectations on all these fronts. Ultimately, Convictional has empowered us to enhance and diversify our offerings while staying true to our curation standards and customer commitment. Their platform has not only streamlined our operations, but also helped us elevate the experience we provide to our customers," Bennett concludes.

This is a time of growth and evolution for Hearthsong. With Convictional's advanced capabilities, they can expand their offering and continue their mission to bring joy and imaginative play to families everywhere. As we join Hearthsong on this exciting journey, we look forward to seeing their curated dropship program thrive.

The adventure of play is just beginning, and we can't wait to see where this journey leads. Let's celebrate the joy of childhood together with Hearthsong!

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