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Dropship automation to expand your assortment without adding headcount.

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Our supplier enablement platform helps you source, onboard, and transact with curated dropship and wholesale vendors. Convictional customers onboard brands in less than one day, while reducing operational costs, effort, and risk.
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We work with your team to identify brands and categories your customers will love, while ensuring they meet your curation standards and business requirements.
Assortment Strategy
We work closely with our retail clients to first understand their assortment strategy and their goals for this year. From there, we work to establish an aligned “ideal vendor profile”, inclusive of brand values, dropship margins, shipping expectations, social followings and more.
Research & Discovery
After establishing an ideal vendor profile (brand values, dropship margins, shipping expectations…etc.), we reach out to aligned brands to share the opportunity and discuss interest and expectations. Then, we compile a list of brands aligned to the ideal vendor profile and provide them to the retailer for review and approval.
Brand Review & Approval
Once we’ve provided a list of interested and aligned brands, retailers approve the brands of interest and we set up introductions. Retailer conversations with vendors commonly include finalization of drop margins, assortment planning and wholesale opportunities.  Once this is done, the retailer invites the vendor and the onboarding process begins.
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Retailers use Convictional to onboard brands in less than a day, accelerating curation and assortment expansion to power growth with virtual inventory.
Vendor Integrations
We provide integrations to Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento 2 to help retailers rapidly onboard new vendors. At the same time we offer standard integration methods like EDI, API and CSV uploading, providing retailers with flexibility to onboard any brand that enhances their assortment.
Custom Onboarding Flows
Retailers define onboarding steps on Convictional so vendors have one place to integrate, sign agreements, sync products and pricing, and process orders. Vendors get visibility into all required steps to complete onboarding, while retailers can view onboarding status for each vendor in one place.
Product Validation
Convictional enables retailers to define the product information required from their vendors to quickly merchandise and generate sales. When information such as SKUs, UPCs, or product categories don’t meet requirements, vendors are notified which information to fix so retailers can merchandise the product.
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Retailers curate and expand their assortment on Convictional without increasing headcount by using Convictional to automate dropship and wholesale transactions.
Order Syncing
Convictional synchronizes all relevant order information from the buyer’s ecommerce platform so that brands can seamlessly fulfill orders to end customers. When an order’s status changes, buyer accounts are automatically updated with the latest status, synchronized from the brand’s account.
To make fulfillment seamless, we provide retailer-branded packing slips for vendors, while synchronizing shipment and tracking data back to retailers. Additionally, retailers can leverage automated workflows for bulking, consignment and routing multi-vendor orders.
Buyers and sellers are both able to fully or partially cancel orders through their ecommerce platform. Convictional detects the cancellation and communicates the change to the other party by synchronizing the cancellation and kicking off platform specific refund workflows.
Refunds & Returns
Vendors set up with automated payouts can initiate refunds back to the retailer from their Stripe dashboard, or through the retailer’s accounts payable processes. Return shipping labels are provided by the vendor to the retailer, so the retailer can provide it to their end customer to return the item.
Our platform provides flexibility across invoicing and payouts. Automatic invoicing is powered both natively through Convictional and via an integration to Stripe Connect. Payouts through Stripe are automatically triggered within 24 hours of shipment, while automated invoicing can support existing payouts processes.
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Leveraging Convictional to Power Growth

Connect once to automate
dropshipping at scale

We enable you to offer dropship vendors the integration methods that make sense for them, while plugging into your existing systems to automate dropship at scale without changing the way you work.

Work with any vendor
that fits your assortment

Don't let IT barriers determine your assortment. We flexibly integrate with all of your suppliers by translating product, inventory, order and fulfillment data in the format you need without requiring your suppliers to change a thing.

Scale vendor
operations efficiently

Break the linear relationship between new vendors and headcount. Let Convictional maximize automation with vendors so you can focus on efforts that lead to differentiation with customers.
Curate your assortments in a day: Automate growth with dropship, marketplace, and wholesale brands
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“Once we onboard a new vendor, Convictional automates everything from creating and updating products to managing orders and sending invoices."
“The fact that we’ve been able to get 50 brands up and running this quickly, lets us start optimizing for KPIs like conversion rates, basket size, and AOV"
“Convictional’s technology unlocks an opportunity to welcome hundreds of new brands and thousands of new items to our digital platforms."

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