Use Cases
Reduce inventory risk with marketplace and dropship programs

Rapidly increase sales while reducing inventory risk 

  • Use dropship and marketplace models to reduce inventory and free up working capital. 
  • Avoid end of season discounting for overbought SKU’s 
  • Our customers have discovered brands that drive 6 figure in sales within 2 months without taking an inventory position

Start recognizing revenue from brand partnerships sooner

Vendor onboarding time is the hidden barrier to revenue growth. The inability to start selling brands immediately results in sales from brand partnerships being pushed out for months, making it difficult for teams to hit their forecasted sales.

Start receiving cash sooner with better onboarding.

Derisk future inventory buys

Stop buying inventory based on best guesses and hunches.

Using dropship data on products will allow you to derisk inventory buy decisions, giving your teams a stronger SKU volume forecasts based on historical data.

Invoicing integrations

  • Turn on automated vendor payouts using Stripe
  • Gain increased visibility into the performance of dropship and marketplace programs to assess ROI
  • Integrate orders into your AP systems to avoid manually consolidating invoices 

Scale without adding additional headcount

Standard EDI providers require several teams to manage the complex onboarding process they force retailers to walk through. 

Convictional simplifies the onboarding process for brands so that fewer FTE’s are needed to manage the onboarding process.