Use Cases
Simplify the vendor onboarding process

IT teams should spend less time on vendor onboarding

Traditional EDI providers divert focus away from core digital projects. 

Meanwhile, IT teams are held accountable for onboarding times when software providers and partners operating on their own schedule make it impossible to meet onboarding timelines.

Convictional allows buyers, merchandisers, and brands to complete onboarding without involving IT.
  • Automate order routing to vendors
  • Communicate order status and shipping details back to customers
  • Seamlessly integrate vendors into your existing returns workflow via return and refund APIs.
  • Optionally enable Convictional Payouts to invoice vendors and instantly payout on shipment
  • Vendors ship on your behalf, following your SLAs and brand requirements
  • Oversell protection with realtime inventory accuracy

Catalog Mapping, Deduplication & Validation

  • Specify validation rules around product data to avoid errors 
  • Override and edit data for ingestion or categorization 
  • Allow sellers to update product information by syncing changes from their platform
  • Specify and map to custom attributes in your system

Vendor Order Fulfillment

Convictional transmits orders using methods that integrate with existing fulfillment processes and enable ease of operations. This includes native vendor systems (ecommerce platforms) or through preconfigured methods (EDI or API).

Platform Integrations

You can integrate your existing systems into Convictional with a Shopify integration or via our API.
  • eCommerce Platforms (commercetools, Shopify)
  • ERP
  • EDI Provider 
  • PIM systems
  • Shopify Integration App

SOC2 Type II Compliance

Convictional is audited against SOC2 Type II on an ongoing basis, including the security (preventing unauthorized access), availability (uptime and reliability) and confidentiality (data privacy and handling) trust groups. Auditors have continuous access to affirm compliance.
"As a storied retailer, with a sought-after clientele, we emphasize rigorous protection of our customer data. We're proud to partner with a modern technology provider that demonstrates that same commitment while helping us move at the speed of a startup."
Stephen Jackson
EVP/CIO, Harry Rosen
Stephan Jackson, EVP/CIO at Harry Rosen